Do I have to reserve a ticket in advance?

Yes! All of our tours must be reserved in advance. We prefer to keep our tours to a small number of guests so as to make our tours feel more personalized. We believe that by keeping groups intimate you as a visitor will have a better experience and we as tour guides can get to know you better.


What’s your tour schedule?

If you’d like to book a tour with us, you can visit our schedule here! If you have questions or would rather have a private tour, feel free to contact us.


I want to have a private tour for my extended family and me.  Do you do that?

Sure do! Hosting big groups is one of our favorite things.  Please visit our contact page and we can work that all out.


Oh, no!  I’m running late and now I’m lost.  What should I do?

Don’t worry!  If you find yourself running late or you get lost on your way to your tour, give us a call at 347-561-1023, and we will help you to find your way!  When signing up for a tour, make sure to include your contact information.  If you’re running late, it’s very helpful for us to reach out to you as well.


What’s your cancellation policy?

We keep our tours small to give our visitors the best visit they can have; with this in mind, we cannot reschedule or refund tickets that are cancelled within 48 hours (two days) before your tour.  If you have to cancel or reschedule contact us and we will do what we can to accommodate your needs.


Are these tours fun for kids?

Yes!  Both Alex and Jonathan came to the world of walking tours through teaching kids in the NYC school system. For this reason, all of our tours are accessible to visitors of all ages. We also offer Special Deals for Kids!  If you have a child under the age of 12, we offer tickets at a reduced price. For toddlers still in strollers, keep in mind that some streets and sidewalks may be narrow and tricky for a stroller to maneuver around and occasionally we will encounter stairs. If you’ll be bringing a stroller, let us know ahead of time so we can find an alternative route where possible.


Can I tip my tour guide?

Um, yes!  Your ticket price doesn’t include any gratuity and nothing tells a tour guide that they did a great job like a couple extra bucks.


How long are your tours and how far am I walking?

All of our tours run two hours.  If we end up having a great conversation, tours may go a little over. We keep a moderate New Yorker pace, stopping along the way to tell stories. All of our tours start right on time.  We will walk one to two miles during the two hours that we walk together.


Do you have a minimum number of people you allow on a tour?

Our tours only go out if two or more people have selected that tour.  If you have signed up for a tour and you are the only one on it, you will be contacted within 24 hours of your chosen tour to reschedule or refer you to another tour that same day with more people on it.  If you have any questions about this, feel free to visit out contact page.


What do I do if the tour I want is already sold out?

This happens because we prefer to limit the size of our tours (only 16 on each tour) to give you the most enjoyable experience we can.  If you see that the tour you want is sold-out, you’re welcome to touch base with us and we will do all we can to get you on the tour you want.


Today is the day, the day you’ve been waiting for—your tour day!  Yay!  Now what should you bring with you?

You should bring proof of your reservation (this can be a printed copy of your reservation confirmation or a copy on your smartphone to show your guide). We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes and weather appropriate clothes. Also, bring a bottle of water for all that walking and your camera to remember your adventure with us!


What happens if the weather is bad the day of the tour?

All of our tours go out no matter if it rains or shines, so make sure to dress appropriately.  We do all we can to keep you comfortable on a crummy day without taking away any experiences from the tour you’re on.  If the weather or any other circumstances should make the tour unsafe, we will contact you directly to reschedule.  If you have weather-related questions, please reach out to us.


Will there be bathrooms available on the tours?

Our tours will start on time, so make sure to give yourself extra time to find a bathroom before the tour begins.  In case of an emergency, we will find you a bathroom, but if we’re on the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge, this could be tough.


Are your tours accessible to people with special needs?

Yes, part of our goal as a company is to keep our tours as accessible as possible to people of all ages and abilities. Most of our tours are wheelchair accessible. Please be aware that Brooklyn Bridge: 8th Wonder of the World has a flight of stairs. If you have specific needs or special accommodations, please contact us prior to the tour so we can make adjustments.


Can I bring my pet on the tour?

Sadly, no.  We wish we could bring our cats on the tours, but we don’t, so we ask that you do the same.  Please leave all non-service animals at home.


Can I smoke on the tour?

Even though we’re outdoors, we ask that you refrain from smoking when with the group.  If you need a drag, take a step away from the group, and join us again, when you’re done.  Also, keep in mind that smoking is illegal now on city owned property and in NYC Parks.


Can I record or take notes during my tour for my grandma who had to miss the adventure?

Sadly, for copyright reasons, we do not allow visitors to take notes or make recordings of our tours. The one exception to this would be if we had a conversation prior to the tour and we gave you our permission.


Can I take photographs on the tours?

Yes, please do!  You’re welcome to take as many photos as you’d like and we’d love to have you share them with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And, feel free to tag us at #nylocaltours when you do!