A Quick Summer Update

Now that the summer heat is finally a little more merciful, I no longer look like this:



It’s given me the opportunity to reflect on some of the great things that happened this summer. We have started working with the Dutch Consulate here in NYC, and they attended our New Amsterdam tour. Incidentally, they know their Dutch history, and it was a touch on the intimidating side. But they had so much fun we are already planning more events together. The New-York Historical Society hired us to come in and talk to New York City school teachers about creating walking tours. One initiative that the Department of Education is encouraging is bringing students out into the city to show them history, rather than just talk about it. So I got to go into the museum and give a presentation about our process, and how Alex and I create our tours. Not terribly long ago, Alex went into the Brooklyn Public Library and gave a similar talk to another group of teachers. It feels great to be one of the companies that gets to participate and help this wonderful idea flourish.


In addition to all the success and connections that we’ve made, we also decided to reach out to our alma maters, and started working with them as well. We have been playing around with the idea of expanding our scavenger hunts, and both St. Michael’s College and Sarah Lawrence College alumni associations are going to attend!


For me, I felt a little out of touch with my fellow alumni, and am excited to meet some St. Mike’s folks living here in the city. Honestly, it’s such a New England school that I didn’t think many made it to the big city. Mostly because the thought of the Yankees makes them break out into hives and boils.


Things are really cooking! We are excited and can’t wait to see what the fall holds!

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