Tear Jerker


This post has nothing to do with history. Or New York, for that matter. Mostly, it’s like a PSA for anyone who reads this. Alex and I went to the movies last night, and had such a powerful experience that I wanted to share it with you all. It was a life changing film, truly a masterpiece. And I felt that those who attend should be prepared, physically and emotionally, for what they are about to see. Honestly this may be the hardest post I’ve ever created, because my eyes are still welling up with tears just thinking of the cinematic landmark we witnessed. It’s becoming hard to see the keyboard, and some of you may have noticed that my spelling/grammar is bad enough already. But here goes:


Finding Dory: A Modest Review by a Modest Man.


Jesus, I haven’t cried that hard since “Up.” Or maybe “Toy Story 3.” Friggin’ Pixar, they can toy with my heartstrings better than anyone. At least we weren’t watching it in 3D; I made that mistake with Toy Story 3, and the glasses got so steamed up from my tears that I couldn’t see the movie. Even still, I was crying way harder last night than any of the ten-year-olds in the theater.

This movie was perfect. Probably even better than the first one. Everyone should go, but be sure to bring a wad of tissues with you. Alex, at one point, started to sob audibly, which would have been embarrassing if everyone in the theater wasn’t blubbering. I don’t even want to tell you the plot, it would take away some of the magic. I’m going to go, grab a cat, and cry into their fur for a little while. All of you- go and buy your tickets.

Jonathan out.

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