The Tower of Beer!

steeplechase beer gardenWe had our first Trivia Night last night at , down at Coney Island! It went well, despite Coney being a ghost town. When I got down there, I was surprised to see that all the rides were closed, and very few people were down on Surf Ave. But, Trivia happened, and we ended up getting a good turnout. Yay us!

One thing that I forgot to mention the other day was that prizes were involved. I talked to the owner, and the victors of our trivia competition will be the proud recipients of a Tower of Beer! I didn’t really know what that meant, until I actually saw one. It’s huge. Apparently, it can hold 100 Ounces of Beer! It can be yours, if you are smart/nerdy enough to crush your opponents!


Look at it! This can all be yours!

So, this Trivia night is going to happen every Tuesday for the foreseeable future. We would love to see even more of you down there next week, in fierce Competition for the coveted Beer Tower! When you win, be sure to rub it in everyone’s faces.

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