She did it again…

Living in an old building in the city has its perks. They can be charming, very unique, and far less obnoxious than some of the new stupid condos that keep sprouting up around town. Like that new monstrosity that they are building down by the Brooklyn Bridge Park that is ruining everyone’s nice time. Not that I’m bitter, or anything.


But then, there are the drawbacks. Like everything breaks. All the time. I was talking to my neighbor who lives across the hall from us and she told me it wasn’t that long ago the power would go out for no reason. So, she would have to break into the basement and physically re-wire the circuit board. The building management was good enough to provide a pair of vice grips and thick gloves, so when a lightning bolt shot out at her, she would only be slightly maimed. It took them years to fix the problem.


Or the fact that you can hear everything that goes on in all the other people’s lives. When my downstairs neighbor plays music, the plates in the kitchen rattle. Or when my crazy upstairs neighbor gets into a four hour screaming match with a cardboard box, I’m privy to the whole thing.


But lately, the super cool thing Alex and I have to deal with is a leak in our bathroom. We noticed it when the ceiling fell down over our tub, and water started to steam out of the hole. Very inconspicuous. Some of you may remember something similar happening before; when our crazy upstairs neighbor flooded our kitchen and living room, and caused the ceiling to fall down. Actually, it’s the same frigging thing. She did it again. This time it seems the pipe under her tube has ruptured, and now whenever she takes her ridiculously long showers, we get the soapy aftermath.


This is when we noticed there was a problem.


Then, another hole appears! Such fun!


This is how our Super fixed the problem. Perfect! I can hardly tell anything was wrong!













The best part of all this nonsense was when we called our Super, and he refused to fix the problem because he doesn’t want to have to deal with crazy pants upstairs. Not that I blame him; she is terrifying…


Despite all the stupid things you have to put up with living in an old building, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It makes life so exciting and everyday I can expect a new, weird, ridiculous adventure. Part of what we do is to preserve the past that makes New York such a unique place. Living here is constant reminder of that past, and I am honored to be a part of it.


I would, however, kill for a washing machine. And a dishwasher.

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