February is too depressing to write about…


She’s making scrambled death

So, sometimes, in order to get some inspiration for a new blog, I look up what happened in New York City history on this date. I was hoping for something a little uplifting; after all, it’s a touch cold outside. This morning I got up, and it was about 5 degrees out. It’s President’s Day and I thought I’d treat myself, so I went to breakfast, froze my huevos off, and since then tried not to leave my apartment. However, on my journey to find some fun facts, I learned that February is a historically depressing month. Like, seriously, depressing. Malcolm X was shot on the 21st. The Indian Point II nuclear reactor leaked some radiation. Typhoid Mary was released and then gave a whole bunch more people Typhoid Fever.

Really, it just goes on. Screw you, February.


Indian Point II reactor. I guess its fine now…

I’ve decided to take a different track, and bring a little light into this cold, horrible month. As tour guides, we often like to give recommendations of great things to see and great places to go. That’s what we’re gonna do. This weekend, Alex’s parents were in town, and we wanted to show them a good time. First of all, we brought them to The Lower East Side Tenement Museum, so they could see Alex rock a couple of tours. (If you haven’t been there, seriously, it’s the best. Super wonderful museum with some really incredible educators.) After that, it was time to find some food. As the son of a chef, I can appreciate the hell out of a good meal. We went down to a place called Café Katja, and it’s my new favorite place in NYC.


Look at the size of it! So wonderful. Also, Alex has a new, extra cute hair cut.

Café Katja is on Orchard Street, a block away from the Tenement Museum. As a German/Austrian restaurant, its one of the few remaining vestiges of the old German Neighborhood on the Lower East Side called Little Germany or Kleindeutschland. After learning about the immigrants who used to live here at the Tenement Museum, it’s the perfect place to finish the day. This place is the business. I love it. I had a huge plate of sausages, sauerkraut, and dumplings washed down with a gigantic beer. Delicious. After my beer, I had some schnapps, and when I was just pleasantly drunk enough, moved on to a warm chocolate cake. I felt fat and gross, but in that really good, extra satisfying way. Whenever I have family and friends come to visit, I always bring them to Café Katja. I know we will have a great time, and eat some really wonderful food. For those of you looking to have some fun in this cold, snowy winter, take a stroll down Orchard Street and maybe you’ll end up at Café Katja too.

Stay warm, everybody!

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