Mmmmm…. Beer…..

Exciting news here at New York Local Tours- we have just created a new partnership with the Stone Street Merchants Association. What does that mean for you? Beer! Lots and lots of beer! So, for those that join us on New Amsterdam: Birthplace of New York, we will now be ending the tour in the traditional 17th century Dutch fashion with a pint.


Stone Street is famous for being the oldest paved street in New York City. During the time of New Amsterdam, it was called High Street. Like all streets in early New Amsterdam, they were not paved, but rather dirt. The street was lined with brewers, and it had a tendency to be pretty muddy there. The Brewers complained that when the street got muddy, they would not be able to haul the heavy barrels of beer to the taverns. Because roughly a forth of all the businesses in New Amsterdam had something to do with either they making or selling of booze, something got done. They paved it with cobblestones- the first street in New York to be paved in such a way. Later, under British rule, the street was renamed Stone Street to commemorate this fact.

During the 1970s, things on Stone Street got a little rough. Most of the buildings were vacant, and nobody wanted to go down the weird back alley paved with cobblestones because frankly, it was dangerous. In 1996, it was designated a historic district by the city of New York, and things have been looking up ever since! The street is now lined with taverns and restaurants, and this once derelict back alley is thriving, filled with both local New Yorkers and visitors.


So come with us and celebrate the amazing achievements of the original Dutch settlers. Our tour New Amsterdam: Birthplace of New York will now end in one of the taverns in this historic district. Come take a tour and the beer will be on us!

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